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An Accomplished Attorney Who Will Fight For You

Lisa Wells, founder of the Lisa Wells Law Firm, is a former Assistant District Attorney who defends those accused of criminal charges in Georgia. As a former prosecutor, she understands the power and resources available to the government to build their case against you for a conviction. Ms. Wells is committed to providing every client with an honest evaluation of their case and she is dedicated to fighting for their future.

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She Understands Both Sides Of The Legal System

The law training that Lisa Wells received began at the DeKalb Solicitor’s Office and later at the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office before becoming an Assistant District Attorney in the Special Victims Unit in Clayton County. In these positions, she gained experience prosecuting the kind of cases she now defends including:

Ms. Wells has undergone the same National Highway Traffic Safety Administration training that law enforcement officers certified in DUI detection have undergone, making her a formidable DUI defense attorney. While not all DUIs can be reduced, Ms. Wells has prevented many clients from having DUIs and license suspensions. Her track record is impressive.

Committed To Preserving Her Clients’ Freedom

While working for the prosecution, Lisa realized she was called for a higher purpose; to defend those who are accused and need a voice. As a true advocate, Ms.Wells understands that each case has more to it than what initially meets the eye. She carefully listens and seeks to understand her client’s situation. She grasps her client’s need to fight for their future ensuring protection of her clients’ constitutional rights.

How A Lawyer Can Help In Your Criminal Case

If retained early in the process, Lisa Wells Law Firm will protect you from the investigative process and may prevent the arrest or charge. If an arrest is imminent, she can negotiate how it will be handled lessening the trauma and embarrassment and will help with negotiating a lower bond. All of this can significantly lessen the initial jail time. Her work ethic, compassion and devotion are recognized by clients and legal community.

Offering Free Consultations Today

A guilty plea can lead to fines, jail time and a permanent record that can impact your job, your insurance rates and your driver’s license. A record also can affect the outcome of future cases if you would ever be accused of a crime again.

When you’re ready to speak with a trustworthy legal advocate about your case, call 678-223-4975 or send Lisa Wells a message online to schedule your free consultation.