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Last updated on February 24, 2021

If you have been accused of DUI, you may be unaware of the consequences of a conviction (even if it’s a first conviction). All is not lost if you have submitted to field sobriety tests. While the roadside breath test may have shown that you had alcohol in your system, it is not admissible in court. However, the state-administered test done at the station is admissible.

Atlanta DUI attorney Lisa Wells formerly prosecuted DUIs and now defends them. She knows the nuances of a strong DUI defense. Lisa Wells is an aggressive DUI lawyer who has undergone the same training as police officers who are certified in DUI detection. She understands the system from the inside out and will protect your rights.

Former Prosecutor

If you have been wrongly accused of DUI, attorney Lisa Wells is a Cobb County DUI attorney who covers most Atlanta metro counties and will protect your rights and advise you on your best options. Lisa works hard to get your case reduced so you do not carry the permanent record of a DUI conviction and fights for you to keep your driver’s license so that you can work, attend school and handle court, medical, and dependent issues.

Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyer

The punishments increase if injury or death occurs in an alcohol-related accident. If you are arrested in Fulton, Cobb or another metro county, Atlanta DUI attorney, Lisa Wells, will expertly guide you through initial arrest, arraignment, plea or trial and will seek to get your charges reduced or dropped and mitigate future damages that last forever. Lisa is a top Atlanta DUI defense and DUI attorney who will look for ways to challenge the state’s case against you.

Lisa handles DUIs in DeKalb County, Fulton County, Cobb County, Cherokee County, Douglas County, Gwinnett County, Bartow County, Paulding County, and other surrounding counties and municipalities.

Schedule a free consultation with Lisa Wells. You do not know how your case looks from a legal perspective until you meet with an experienced DUI lawyer.

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