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A Job Well(s) done!!!!!

Her name tells it all!!!!! Parents pray the best for their children! During their lifetime, there are some life experiences parents wouldn’t be able to shield their children! Relocating to Atlanta, my son, during his brief stay, got arrested. Not knowing what to do from another state, my brother told me of Lisa Wells! I gave her a call, and we discussed my son’s situation! Atty Wells was so kind and made the situation tolerable. She was assuring from beginning to the end! Atty Wells was always very informative of what could be good, bad or indifferent! Most of all, the encouragement she gave to both me and my son was outstanding and remarkable! Once we met in person, Atty Wells was even more comforting! Our outcome was great! But most of all, to have a lawyer in another state from your home to do the marvelous, wonderful and productive job she did, I do recommend and applaud her highly for a job well done! My son is now able to move on with a lesson well learned and another chance with the help of Our Lord and attorney Lisa Wells! Thank you so very much, a loving mother Mrs. VanDross.Posted by Vandross, a Criminal Defense client

God Sent Her to Us

Lisa Wells is one remarkable lady and lawyer! She goes above and beyond what anyone would expect!! She basically gave back our trust and respect for attorneys and helped to settle a very bad accusation and saved my grandson from many years in prison! You can trust her to dedicate her time and resources for you because she really cares! Thank You and God Bless.

Posted by Carolyn, Grandmother of a Client

Compassionate and tough!!!!

Lisa, you bring such a comfort to your clients in what could’ve been so depressing with anyone else. You were like having a best friend or sister by my side, and I want you to know how much I appreciate it and what a gift you have to offer the people you represent. You are meant to do this because people no matter what they did wrong on their own journeys, they need someone to care and treat them with kindness. You have no doubt altered the paths of some of these folks because of your gift. Thank you!!!!!

Posted by Kim, Client

My Review on Lisa Wells
Lisa is the best!! Thank you so much for getting me out of my mess. I really felt confident and in good hands. She will get the job done!

Posted by Sierra, a Criminal Defense client

I couldn’t have made a better choice….

I was referred to Lisa Wells with no idea of what my outcome would be in my case. She was 100% honest with me every step of the way even if it was news I did not want to hear. My case went on for a year, and I never had any problems getting in touch with her. She gathered the facts and helped me understand possible outcomes, and she fought for me every step of the way. Although prepared for worse, I was more than satisfied with her results. Lisa was persistent and exemplified how “hard work pays off.” I will be a future engineer in the U.S. Navy along with being able to support my family due to her help. I would recommend her to anyone.

Posted by Ronald Jones, a DUI client

Thank you Lisa Wells

Lisa Wells is an awesome attorney, but more than that she is a great person. I had never been in trouble with the law before and when I was arrested for battery, I had no idea what would happen to me or what to do. My wife called Lisa’s office and she saw us the same day. After leaving her office, my wife felt relieved and that everything would be ok. Lisa began working on my case immediately even though she had not been paid yet. Within a few days, she had a bond hearing scheduled and made it possible for me to go to my home. I was nervous, anxious, and just wanted it over making things hard on Lisa until @ emailed me in the middle of the night because she was still working trying to get everything done and still let me know my status. Lisa was always respectful of our situation and discussed options before she continued. I feel bad I was not the best client early on, and I am grateful she continued in spite of my issues. Lisa Wells got me the best possible outcome that many people have said I am lucky because of it. It was the hardest thing I have ever gone through, and I am most grateful to my wife for calling and to Lisa for taking on my case knowing I was a mess. Anyone in need of a defense attorney would be hard-pressed to find any better than Lisa and most would not be as good.

Posted by William, a Criminal Defense client

A Blessing In Disguise

When I first was informed about having to need a lawyer for my DUI charge, I was unsure if that lawyer would be able to help me out at all in any way. The very first meeting that I had with Ms. Wells was a great indicator to me that everything would turn out just fine. Everything from the way she kept me informed throughout this entire process, to truly and genuinely caring about how I was going through with this whole situation really showed me a lot more than what I would have ever expected from a criminal defense lawyer.

Even though Ms. Wells had my full confidence that she was going to do whatever it took to help me, I still had thoughts that I was going to be pinned with a DUI on my record for the rest of my life. Then low and behold I was informed from Ms. Wells that even though it was a hard-fought battle, she was successfully able to get my charge dropped to Reckless Driving. Ms. Wells is not only a TERRIFIC criminal defense lawyer, but she’s also an OUTSTANDING person as well. I will honestly and truthfully without any hesitation recommend Ms. Wells to anyone throughout the Atlanta area in need of a great criminal defense lawyer.

Posted by Nick, a DUI client

I don’t know how she did it but THANK YOU LISA. A DUI would have haunted me for years. I cannot believe she got my DUI reduced!

Posted by a Criminal Defense client

Lisa goes out of her way and cares about her clients.
I was so anxious when I found out I had been accused of battery. I couldn’t believe I was in this situation. Lisa Wells listened to me as I went through my entire story from beginning to end while other lawyers wanted to talk fees right away. She didn’t pressure me but told me that I should hire the lawyer that I trusted because we would be a team. I felt that Lisa listened, and, even more importantly, she cared. When I hired her, she advised me during the entire process. Sometimes the courts moved slowly and that made me anxious. In the end, Lisa Wells got the result I had hoped for. I wondered if justice would be done, thanks to Lisa Wells, it was! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Posted by a Criminal Defense client

Hire Lisa Wells if you get a DUI.
Lisa Wells got my DUI reduced to a Reckless Driving! From the beginning, Lisa was responsive to my calls, had tremendous compassion for the stress and worry I felt, and she worked hard. I trusted her during the legal process because I understood that she knew what she was doing and got the outcome I had hoped for. She saved my driving record. My trust and confidence in her is incredible.

Posted by a DUI client

I highly recommend attorney Lisa Wells.
Before I retained Lisa Wells as my attorney, I encountered impersonal attorneys only interested in their fees. When I found out Lisa transitioned into private practice, I immediately hired her to represent me.

Lisa reviewed my case and asked me questions that none of the other attorneys I previously interviewed thought to ask. She was the only attorney that made me feel like a person rather than a case number. She answered my questions, addressed my concerns, quickly responded to my emails and worked diligently to negotiate my case. The outcome of my legal matter far exceeded my expectations.

Posted by Travis, a client