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An Accusation That Can Ruin Your Future

Theft allegations can seriously damage your reputation and ability to maintain or secure future employment. Any theft crime can result in serious consequences.

Even an individual’s first theft crime can be heavily penalized and result in lost employment opportunities. Having a skilled defense lawyer on your side when you are accused of burglary means you have someone working to ensure your constitutional rights are protected and helping you to get the best results possible on your case.

Because the facts of each case are different, you must consult an experienced attorney to defend you. As a former Georgia state prosecutor, Lisa Wells knows that no two defense strategies are exactly alike. If you are facing charges of shoplifting, theft by taking, burglary or robbery, contact Ms. Wells today to discuss your case.

Get The Help You Deserve

Every case is different, and each strategy needs to be customized to the specific situation. If you are facing theft charges, call our office at 678-223-4975 to set up an initial consultation.